Recruitment Web Design – Max our designer has been a busy boy

Recruitment Web Design Example


For startup recruiters and those who need to not to break the bank on cost, we offer a range of recruitment website templates at very reasonable prices. At present we have 20 and over this year we will be expanding that to 50.


Our in-house designer Max has been weaving his magic design wand and here is a template design fresh of the press. Proof positive templates need not be boring me thinks or low-quality design. This one will have movement added to give it a bit more zing and of course, it has all the key elements to make a home page become a destination page for your brand.


To answer some questions…


  • Can you have it in any colour of your choices? Yes.
  • Can you choose your images? Yes.
  • Can you have video? Yes.
  • Can you connect it to your social media? Yes.
  • Can you connect it to your CRM/ATS? Yes.
  • Can you connect it to Broadbean, Idibu, Logic Mellon etc? Yes.
  • Are there any limits on pages? No.
  • Are there any limits on job? No.
  • Are there any hidden charges? No.
  • Is it GDPR friendly? Yes.
  • Will it work with Google for jobs? Yes.
  • Does it have SEO? WTF have you not read my other posts 🙂
  • Will we sell this template to other recruiters in your Niche? No.
  • How long do they take to make? 7-15 days.
  • How much do they cost? Call us 🙂


Now revel in Max’s glory


Recruitment website template