Recruitment website design tip number 5

recruitment website design tip number 5

Recruitment website design tip number 5

Think loud and proud here; don’t be afraid to offer up your unique proposition for people to read. Get your value proposition on your home page and then personalise that value proposition on other key pages like the job seeker home page, employer home page.


Your value proposition can be presented in text and images, but the use of video is now standard in so many instances. So having some explainer videos is now the new norm.


Well-crafted team pages that give an insight to who the person is and what they can do for your clients and what they are working on right now. Again I’d go for a video profile of the recruiters as an option to bring your team to life.


Keep the team member/staff members theme going throughout your pages. Like blogs by your staff, advice snippets by your staff, staff info on your vacancies etc. The more ways you can credibly present your offering with real information, the better your website is going to be in engaging those hard to convert people who bounce off most all sites they land on.