Motivation – People fall into two camps which are motivation away from failure or motivation towards success. They follow these patterns in typically one style or the other for the majority of their decisions. However, people can switch back and forth to suit a circumstance. Money works in both these motivation types

Money – Proven many times not to be a motivating factor and Millennials come up as the least likely to be motivated by money in recent studies.

There is an argument to say that if you offer so much money, you can break into the psyche of most people aka Robert Redford can I sleep with your wife for $1M. However, the assumption that the 25% fee is all profit and so $500 is derisory amount is fundamentally flawed.

Friends – Real friends rarely need to be paid to help another friend. Which leaves your network, people you call friends but quite often know they are not.

Monetising networks – I do think networks should be monetised and I think the current referral plans lack the ability to track whom you have networked effectively. So produce more skepticism for example if I refer you my mate Pete, and you place him in 18 months time did I still not in part get you the fee?

Other ways – I have generated just as many referral for my clients from prize draws, competitions, come and get drunk on cheese and wine or making a survey on a hot or controversial topic then get my network share this survey with their network so we can get to the bottom of X or Y, or prove ABC thinking is right or wrong. Proving people wrong gets lots of buy in.

Darren Revell, Director

Please note I am Dyslexic and in my form I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours etc backwards. I am not stupid in fact my IQ and EQ (see I meant EI) are both quite high. Please keep that in mind when you read my mails. Some also mistake my short emails for bluntness, when in reality I am conservative with what I write to avoid too many mistakes.

Thanks for your understanding.

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