Responsive recruitment website are good for SEO


Responsive recruitment website are good for SEO


In theory yes, but in practice sorry but no a responsive website is no better for SEO than any other kind of website if it is not made with SEO in mind.


Some of the simplest things you can do to screw up your SEO on a responsive site:


1 Download a responsive design template and not check it for coding bugs. This applies mostly to WordPress type sites where you ore your developer downloads a $50 template from Theme Forrest or Template monster and think because it is responsive their work is done. Most of these templates come our of battery farm template factories and under the hood is £2000 – £3000 of bug fixing to do, which for an obvious reason never gets done.


2 Run it on a slow server, and it is still a 50-year-old asthmatic donkey trying to beat Roger Bannister’s record. You can go cheap if you want to compete on server speed and hosting quality. They say you can’t out-train a lousy diet you can out responsive a low-quality hosting set up.


3 Most people want a Picasso, DaVinci, Warhol for their desktop experience and then when you scale that down to a mobile, you get performance issues no matter what.


High-end graphics is like loading a sack of potatoes on Mo Farah’s back before asking him to run 10000 meters.


So what is the answer? Work with a website developer who offers SEO tuned responsive designs, fast server speed and has a dedicated mobile recruitment website offering. Like, say us, which we have had since 2007.