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Video Marketing

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Video speaks a thousand words, so give your voice a rest!


Does it work?

A video is proven to improve conversion of website visitors on mobile; that conversion rate is near double what it is on a desktop site (one of the reasons we make dedicated mobile sites is so you can have content relevant to each platform user). Video can enjoy up to 80% visitor retention and those that last 2-3 mins still retain 60%. Which is impressive.


Video Marketing

As we move ever further into the digital and mobile age, a video has become a much-respected forum for delivering messages to candidates, clients and your staff about who you are and the benefits of working with you.

The main drawback with video, to date, has been the cost of entry to the market with some firms wanting thousands of pounds to make BBC quality documentaries, to poor quality content from services like Fiver.com. Even if you can source the right priced product, do you have all the ideas you need to make an engaging video/story? In many cases, the answer is truthfully no, and that is a good thing because you are recruiters and not digital marketers.

RecruiterWEB can offer you high-quality video stories and/or whiteboard tutorials for prices that won’t break your bank but will drive your brand credentials up.