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News/Blog Curation

They said what?

Make money from your web presence by raising your company profile online with content curation.


Does it work?

Ammon Johns voted the best search engine optimiser (SEO) in the world by 200 of the worlds best SEO’s, taught us this service in 2007 and it has worked for us and many of our clients and his.


News/Blog Curation

We find 3-10 news sites, blog sites and/or authority websites for your market and/or niche recruitment sectors and then we follow their news and stories and then make pundit style references to these stories on your website. The outcome is threefold; search engines will see you as an information hub and start to raise the authority of your website. This has benefits for all your other site content and its rankings.

The second outcome is that your punditry can draw debate whether on your site and/or on your social media where you can also share the content. The third and final outcome is your news, and/or blog content pages will have live and relevant content long after your honeymoon period with the website has expired, and you have gone back to doing what you do best which is recruitment.

Clients of ours, have brought in as much as 10% of their new business this way. For one of our clients, that is £2 million per year.