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Salary Surveys

Salary data

Our last survey netted our client £80,000 of fees for rare skill candidates looking for a new job. It cost them just £480.


Salary survey’s why bother? Knowing what to pay gives you lots of say…

Salary surveys are a proven way to generate active and passive candidates and win over new clients while giving more to your existing clients for the fees they pay.

Salary data is in the top 3-5 items searched for in search engines per month. Getting the relevant candidates from those visitors to your site will result in increased sales.


How does it work?

Our salary survey service is based on real market data and the data of the candidates you attract from all sources. The service is administered by us and will appear on your website for your clients and candidates to interact with if we made your site. The user will get a page of results and can then subscribe for future updates, the pages are also designed to show your live jobs for similar or identical roles to those they are searching for.

It can also delivered in PDF format, complemented by your branding, so it is not website dependant.