The plain truth about recruitment websites and job posts


1: You don’t need a dedicated recruitment website vendor if you don’t need jobs on your website.

2: If you do need jobs on your website, and you choose a vendor who does not automatically deliver your jobs to Google for Jobs, you wasted your money having a jobs section.

3: If you do have jobs, identify the recruiter who is working the job; candidates trust these more.

4: If you can identify your client in the job and make a fuss about their jobs and highly feature them, do. Candidates love that, and co-branding is a credibility point that will send your brand stratospheric.

5: Write job adverts based on how you sell them over the phone or face to face. For more on how to write a job advert, not a job spec, speak to Mitch Sullivan, or look at


The advice here is free, proven and written by a severely dyslexic man. If you want no typos or grammar issues, send me money to have it proofread. I bank with #getalife, account number is #grammarlywordchromedontagreesowhatchancehaveIgot


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“RecruiterWeb has produced a highly advanced website with a video portal for us to display key candidates and interviews we have held with them in video format. The bespoke feature has made our service offering unique and saved us thousands in fees per month”.


Harrison Knight, CloudScope