Recruiters are bashed on the LinkedIn platform hourly, as those who follow my posts know. I like to bash back, as I have been a recruiter, and now I supply websites to recruiters.

Here is a mind-numbingly moronic behavior by some candidates, and it is getting larger daily. When you sign up with a recruitment website, it will in most cases send you an email to acknowledge your registration. The website may also offer you option mail options like job alerts, newsletters, etc. As I say they are opt-in, and they have a simple one-click opt-out when running if you have opted in.

Still, about 5% of candidates are now reporting recruiters for spam, despite opting in, instead of the one-click out. Microsoft and AOL mail services have a count for your IP, and when it exceeds a set number, your IP is banned. Which blocks emails to legitimate users of Microsoft and AOL services.

So the 5% of candidate numpties are causing email bans for 95% of users who want the emails. Keep that in mind the next time you read the rantings of an unhappy candidate on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.


Darren Revell