Three key recruitment trends in the local government sector

Over the past eight years, there has been an incredible amount of creativity, commitment, determination, and resilience shown within the public sector. Below, we will take a look at three of the key trends that are driving the evolution of how local governments operate and deliver their services.

Place-making and regeneration

Local governments have been placing their focus on creating areas that have community at their core and are very integrated. Gone are the days of one-dimensional regeneration schemes and the ‘island’ industrial parks that felt very disconnected. There are now new aspirations, ambitions, and opportunities to be grasped. This shows that, despite testing conditions, this is a sector that is very much stabilising. To help the government achieve these ambitions, one recruitment trend we can expect to see is a greater demand for regeneration professionals stemming from the private residential and commercial property sector.

More roles for experts in managing risk

It is also likely that we will see more roles in 2018 for experts in risk management as well as supply chain specialists. This probably comes as no surprise, considering the impact that austerity has had on finance teams. The recent collapse of Carillion only further highlights the challenges faced in regards to procurement, commissioning, and financing, which is why we are likely to see this key recruitment trend going forward.

Local authorities are looking for experts to kick-start projects and integrate technology

Last but not least, there is no denying that the public sector faces the rising pressure of a stringent regulatory environment, increased demand, and resource challenges. Government workers are going to be looking for ways to transform their current operations so they are able to better manage the demand they have for their services. To do this, they will be looking for experts in project management who can help them to get their projects up and running effectively. They will also be on the lookout for those that can integrate technology so that government workers are empowered to deliver services more successfully.