Three secrets to making your recruitment website a success

Tip 1


First off, be brutally honest with yourself about what success really means. For example, I once met a client whose website was broken, with horrendous navigation that no staff members wanted to show clients or candidates, so their marketing strategy was stalled. But their measurement of success for the next site was not that it needed to fix these issues – they did want those fixed, of course – but that it needed to outrank Michael Page.


One is easily fixed by any website vendor, and the other can only be cured with a marketing plan and budget for marketing the website. The client has the budget for the site, but no budget to market the site.


According to SEO/Online marketing gurus, only 10% of the success of your website online presence comes from the tech you use to build the site; the rest is the content you produce and the other online services that validate your content.


Moral of the tip: Don’t over-target your website if you under-resource its marketing plan.



Tip 2


Want more visitors? Content is King/Queen they say, but the consistency of quality content delivery is what puts the money in the bank and ensures your royal status.


Consistency is the key, but consistency takes dedication, and let’s be honest: we have all let our dedication slip at times. We have all done it, and we are all guilty of it. Let’s call it the ‘New Year’s Resolution Syndrome.’


We get a new website, we swear on our children or loved ones’ lives that we will put high quality, thought-provoking jobs, blogs, vlogs, white papers, and how to/what to/when to/where to/why to type guides together for clients and candidates – and within 6 days, weeks, months, that plan stalls and never returns.


If you cannot be consistent then outsource the task. RecruiterWEB has the option on that for our clients, but there are hundreds of suppliers you can use from £99 a month to £1999 a month depending on your budget.


Moral of the tip: Stick at it – you might feel a bit weary at times, but still the message is “consistent quality content wins”.



Tip 3


Want to engage visitors better? Look outside your comfort zone to make original and compelling content. Only today, I spoke to a recruiter who is going to invent a new vacancy page format that will be a world first.


You have to experiment sometimes and break the mould for your niche. This vacancy will be full of innovation, and when it is made, I predict it will force others to follow.


I mentioned this because I am often asked to tell recruiters what has been done in the past to make a success of a site.


Moral of the tip: You don’t always need to follow; sometimes it is best to lead.


Please note I am Dyslexic, and in my form, I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours, etc. backwards.  I am not stupid – in fact, my IQ and EQ are both quite high.  Please keep that in mind when you read my posts.  Thanks.


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