Tip 1 of 1000 Ways to build a better recruitment website design

how to make the best recruitment website


There is an age-old selling wisdom that if you ask/answer who, what, when, where, why, how type questions of potential customers you will be able to close a sale easier. If you talk to your buyers who are your client and candidates, they will tell you much of what kind of site you need to meet their agenda.


By way of example, the definitive feedback we get from candidates when we run these exercises are your candidate portals are a hassle to them and of nil value at the same time. If they want to apply for a job they just want to apply if they want to supply their CV that’s all they want to do. Not keep yet another redundant portal active online because your website vendor sold you a candidate portal feature.


By way of example for a client would be a need to see genuine evidence of your expertise in their location, sector, niche etc. This could be demonstrated by client branded references, client branded case studies, client brand jobs etc.


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