Recruitment website design tip number 7

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Recruitment website design tip number 7… tune your job application process to meet your candidates’ wants.


Tune your application process to your recruitment niche and match the expectation of how much the candidate wants to spend their time filling in your forms to be your free admin resource.


Employers often make the mistake of thinking they are doing the job seeker a favour by letting them apply for a role, and so they ask War and Peace-type screening questions at the job application stage. Don’t make the same mistake by approaching the job application process this way on your own site.


We now have clients whose application process just requires the job seeker to send their CV with a “one click and attach your CV” option. Most others are now heading to asking as few questions as possible and dropping the traditional first name, last name, email, phone, sector type questions.


Also, don’t get sidetracked by the notion that candidates must register with your website and make a user’s account. This way of working is costing you needless money and putting you at significant risk of being hacked and/or falling foul of GDPR as the data in recruitment websites goes out of date, hardly ever to be updated. Having a candidate login area where personal data is stored is just a flashing sign to the hackers of the world to come to hack you, then ransom you.


We have introduced faster job applications options for our clients and removed the need for a candidate portal in all but 1% of our client sites. The quality of the job seekers has not gone down, but the application rate has gone up on websites that give job seekers fewer barriers to applying for jobs, and this is highly evident when the job seeker is on their mobile.


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