Twitter a candidate and client resourcing mecca… who knew?

Never thought we would be commenting on how great twitter is as candidate generation tool and a client one as well.  However it is time to sing the platforms praises and if you want to know why then consider some of the following:-

You can download and communicate with any followers or any account on twitter.  So that will include your competitions followers, industry specific twitter sites, trade specific twitter sites. We did a test of the Cyber Security recruitment space and in 24 hours we were able to download and have follow our site 24,000 Cyber Security specialist.

Then using tools like IBM Watson we were able to monitor the tweets in the community for linguistic patterns in the tweets which indicated an active or passive job seeker.  We found 1800+ such chats in 4 days of monitoring!!!  I know wowza.

Words for client generation in the same way we just monitor chat’s for linguistic patterns which indicate immediate hiring needs, and more passive needs. Literally you can make your candidate marketing pitch to the decision maker either on the phone and/or via a 10,000 character tweet direct to the line manager. Double wowza.