How to use social media to attract the right candidates to your recruitment company

Although many people believe that the only use for social media is to stay in touch with family and friends, there are many other ways in which it could be useful in your daily life. One way that this is true is in the employment market, with a huge proportion of job seekers now choosing to look on social media to try to find potential openings. With so many adults being active on social media every day, it is a great platform to make the most of if you are looking for new talent – and with just a few simple tips, you can ensure that you use the exposure to the best possible effect.


Creating a brand image to be proud of

When candidates are searching for available roles, they will often look online for company reviews before making their final choice. This means that your social media accounts should be used to show all of the positive values that you have, as this will help you to grab the attention of those who are likely to be the best fit within your company.


Target those who you are really trying to attract

You may think that being open to as many candidates as possible would attract the most applications – however, you should think about quality rather than quantity. By creating targeted ads that are displayed to only those who will really fit the profile that you are looking for, you are more likely to get a set of concentrated applications that fit your vacant positions.


Build connections wherever possible

If you take the time to make connections with those who have shown an interest, you can decipher exactly who is going to fit the job vacancy that you have open. Even if the person in question doesn’t fit, there is every chance that they have a contact who will – so this kind of communication is vital. Online networking is a powerful tool and should never be underestimated when trying to fill a vacancy.


Encourage followers to assist your search

One of the best tools on social media is the ability to share, and you have a great opportunity to encourage others to do so with your job listings. By asking your followers to share in this way, there is a much better chance that your advert will be seen by the right person – so there is nothing wrong with encouraging sharing.


Engage with your followers

Some of the most powerful social networking accounts are those that interact regularly with their followers. It is worth making a conscious effort to create content that really means something to those who follow you, as this will encourage them to interact, which will therefore make your content visible to a greater number of social media users.


Consider a referral bonus

The people who are already working for you are a great way of spreading a positive message about your company, and an incentive to do so could be helpful. By asking them to post on social media about the company, and offering a reward if any new hires are made thanks to their post, it encourages your team to be openly positive about the company – which can only be a good thing.


With social media being so huge in the modern world, your company could be missing out if you fail to use it to its full potential, so it is more than worth paying attention to as soon as possible.