Ways to make money from your recruitment web design 1:01

Recruitment companies come in all shapes and sizes, cover so many sectors it is hard to count and with a range of services for just about every instance of service you could think of to hire staff, or help staff to be hired.

Marketing and promotion of recruitment companies, executive search firms, RPO firms etc similarly are as diverse as the sector itself from osmosis to hard core cold calling recruiters have been there and done it all.  So where does the website figure in all this?

Well as a former recruiter who has worked in a couple of sectors and former sales trainer to 10,000+ recruitment sector employees my role now as a builder of recruitment web sites maybe biased but I think it needs to be a cornerstone of your marketing for new clients and exclusive candidates.  Why?  Thought you’d never ask :).

It is not just policemen that are getting younger!  Decision makers in society are now increasingly made up of people who have grown up with computers, been schooled in the internet age and for sure have worked in the advanced internet age.  So as easily as you fall into your default mode for what has become a tried and trusted method for you to do anything.  These decision makers have increasingly took to the web to find resources they need.  That means you.

How do you take advantage of the demand for your services via web enquires?

Well have a website for a start, but above all have a website that tells any user quickly and effectively what you do, why you do it, how well you have done it for others and that you are open and willing to do it for others.  This I will call the brand assist site.  The brand assist site is all about proving you are a real company that people can reference, validate and be assured you do what you do.  Now depending on who you are and how well your brand is already known in your sector/niche/location that might be all you need to do, in article 1:02 and so on we will discuss other ways to market.

Ok so you have you brand assist site but so do 14000 other recruiters, how do you get found?

Well in simple terms you need to go play nice with Google, the global powerhouse of the web.  Google has a set of rules that it wants websites to follow and it has some trick software that checks if your site meets these needs and therein the checks stop.  That is to say you could be “Jack the Ripper” and you can still own and promote a recruitment website in Google, there is no quality measurement by Google of you as a real company and real people.  Your website is measured by that trick software and it looks at what you write about your company, services, niche/sector etc and then how many people vote for it via links and that is how it decides where you are listed in a search of 14,000 other sites with similar data.

Enter search engine optimisation and the following of Google rules to get your site found where others in most cases don’t bother.  The rewards for small agencies of being found is typically an extra £200,000 in fees per year, for medium sized recruiters that jumps to £500,000 to £1,000,000 in fees per year and for the largest firms that runs into the multiple millions.

So there you have it… ways to make money from your recruitment web design 1:01 from £200,000 to multiple millions.  Each year, every year you retain your rankings.


Darren Revell

Please note I am Dyslexic and in my form I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours etc backwards.  I am not stupid in fact my IQ and EQ (see I meant EI) are both quite high.

Please keep that in mind when you read my posts.  Thanks.