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Websites for Recruiters

cloud recruitment web design

There are advanced recruitment website platforms and then there is ‘R-WEB Recruiter’, the website our peers wished they had invented. So if you want to obliterate your competition online then this is the website for you



  • Dedicated designs for PC/Laptop users
  • Optional responsive or dedicated design for mobile users
  • Optional responsive or dedicated design for tablet users
  • Unlimited design options from our in-house designer or we can work with third parties you nominate.


Mobile Ready, willing and so very able.

All our websites are fully compatible with Mobiles, and we have the ability to give your users the most advanced mobile recruitment website experience. An experienced that can be fully tuned to matched to the mobile device they are using and mobile services they have access to


Key job seeker features

  • Register for work
  • Register direct to your Applicant Tracking System*
  • Register direct to services like Broadbean, Idibu, Logic Mellon, etc
  • Run job searches
  • Apply for jobs
  • Set job alerts
  • Submit CV/availability updates
  • Get salary advice*
  • Join in your blogs
  • Send your testimonials
  • Join in market surveys*
  • Subscribe to newsletters & events*
  • Call up their CV for registration from their computer, mobile, iCloud, Dropbox, Google docs, Indeed etc.
  • Submit a timesheet
  • Submit a starter declaration
  • Submit references/referees
  • Submit and store other date/files*
  • Shortlist candidates to vacancies


Job posting related features

  • Standard job adverts
  • Featured job adverts
  • Job adverts by sector/specialism
  • Job adverts by a recruiter/office
  • Job adverts can have any form fo location logic, including post code radius
  • Create any/unlimited jobs search filters
  • Jobs recommended for you feature
  • Set/manage job alerts


Features for your clients

  • Branded client adverts
  • Present searchable candidate profiles
  • Show secure online candidate shortlists
  • Branded client campaign pages
  • Branded client microsites*
  • View a candidate shortlist for their vacancies*
  • Salary survey tool/subscription*
  • General surveys tool/subscription*
  • Guest blogger account
  • Join in your blogs
  • Submit vacancies for publishing
  • Submit testimonials for your services
  • Approve timesheets*


Social/3rd party site tools

  • Run your social pages on your website
  • LinkedIn profile job apply/registration feature
  • Facebook profile job apply/registration feature
  • Xing profile job apply/registration feature
  • Indeed profile job apply/registration feature
  • Connectivity to Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Connectivity to Google Analytics, Tags and Webmaster tools


Standard website control/management features

  • Manage your blogs
  • Manage candidate records
  • Manage job posts manually
  • Manage job posts by 3rd party tools like Broadbean/Bullhorn etc*
  • Manage site your pages
  • Manage your site images
  • Manage site videos
  • Manage your content
  • Manage your download files
  • Manage user access rights
  • Manage the rules for the job search logic
  • Manage the rules for the candidate search logic
  • Manage the logic for all site forms (contact us, submit CV etc)
  • Manage connectivity to social media
  • Manage connectivity to Broadbean, Idibu, Logic Mellon, Job mate etc.
  • Manage the connectivity to 3rd party ATS systems*
  • Manage the internal email messaging system
  • Manage connectivity to Google Analytics/Web Master Tools/Google Tags



  • Users can have unlimited pages
  • Users can post unlimited jobs


Bandwith/Hosting & Users

  • Unlimited site visitors
  • Super fast and reliable servers and site speeds
  • Super fast pages for mobile users


Web Promotion & SEO

  • Control your URLS
  • Control your page titles
  • Control your Meta descriptions
  • Control your H1, 2 etc. tags
  • Control your Alt text
  • Control your page text
  • Control your keywords
  • Control your on page links
  • Sitemap submitted to search engines
  • Control which pages robots index
  • Unlimited landing pages to match SEO strategy
  • Artificial intelligence by the CMS to self-make SEO relevant pages for your site.


GDPR Ready**

Our websites are built to meet the new regulations for GDPR, which come into effect in May 2018.


Track record

  • First recruitment website to have Google index its jobs.
  • Artificial intelligence to attract job seekers to your jobs.
  • First recruitment website vendor to offer a mobile site free to all clients
  • First and only recruitment website with a dedicated smartphone in-built.
  • First and only recruitment website with a dedicated tablet site in-built.
  • First recruitment website to offer apply/register with your LinkedIn profile.
  • First recruitment website to offer apply/register with your Facebook profile.
  • First recruitment website to offer apply/register with your Google profile.
  • First recruitment website to offer apply/register with your Indeed account.
  • First recruitment website to offer apply/register with your Dropbox account.
  • Fully integrated social tools to connect your users with all social channels.
  • Designed by an ex-recruiter/big biller/director of a recruitment firm.
  • We are one of the founding fathers of ‘Recruitment SEO’.
  • Since 2004 we have had 0.003% service downtime.
  • Our technology has been used for job boards, career sites, and recruitment websites
  • Our technology has been used 15 countries and 20 languages.


Optional Extras



Our clients are invited to pay for their websites set up costs over 12 months, the same for their support costs. Give us a call for a quote or drop us a line.

* May require additional fees.
** May require further paid updates unless you are part of our FeatureProofing plans.