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Planned Maintenance & Hosting Service

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RecruiterWEB offers to all our clients a planned maintenance and hosting service.


The details of what are covered follow:

  1. Planned CMS Maintenance.
  2. Planned updates to HTML code to keep it compatible with web browsers.
  3. Planned updates to the SQL databases in the website.
  4. Planned updates to the Java code which runs the CMS.
  5. Planned maintenance of the Linux operating system.
  6. Planned maintenance of the internal email software.
  7. Planned security updates to the CMS, code and server environment.
  8. Server management & tuning.
  9. Production and maintenance of training videos.
  10. Fixing bug in the aforesaid environments.




We operate commercial grade servers hosted in a dedicated secure server hosting environment. The details of the hosting we are offering are as follows:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth.
  2. 24-7, 365 days a year uptime guarantee of 99.99%.
  3. Raid 3 servers, with a Raid 3 server running in parallel as a mirrored back-up server.
  4. Servers are checked every 60 seconds for faults/downtime.
  5. Servers are backed up daily onsite.
  6. Servers are backed up weekly off-site.
  7. Servers are operated with security and virus control tool.
  8. Websites are operated with HTTPS and SSL certificates as standard.
  9. Data stored on our servers complies fully with GDPR.


Client Support


Clients are fully trained to work their CMS and have more control over their CMS than a typical recruitment website offering. Those who elect to take our standard support plan will be offered that training, which is then backed up be video tutorials.

Clients can further upgrade their support in the following ways:

  1. Outsource the full CMS to RecruiterWEB.
  2. Join our FeatureProofing club for future website updates.
  3. Pay for feature updates as you go.
  4. Join our design club for future design changes to your website.