Web Promotion for Recruiters

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for Recruiters

Benefits of SEO: Increased sales, greater client exclusivity, greater candidate exclusivity, marketing costs that go down over time not up.

SEO is a monthly marketing service that covers 4 key areas of web marketing/promotion to ensure that when a client and/or candidate you need makes a search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., your site is ranked high enough in the results for you to gain enquiries you can convert into sales.


How does SEO work?

Benefits of SEO: SEO increases your qualified enquiries from clients wanting to buy services and candidates wanting to change jobs/ gain temp contracts and interim assignments.

We work on four key areas of SEO to make sure that your web presence meets the needs of search engines, which in turn increases the ranking of your website for key terms that candidates and clients use when looking for service providers.


Area one: Technical SEO

Benefits of Technical SEO: Technical improvements will increase your rankings and so improve your website’s visitor rate.

This service checks whether your website is ticking all the technical boxes needed for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


This part of the service works because many websites are made by non-SEO experts. When these web developers construct your site, they do so in such a way that you have issues that prevent the search engine from reading your site fully or properly. If they cant read it or read it properly, they can’t index it.

Area two: On-Page SEO

Benefits of On-Page SEO: Having the content that matches what your clients and candidates look for dramatically increases your chances of being found by people who can spend money with you or generate fees for you.

We check the content that is written on your web pages, how you write your job posts, news posts, case studies, service descriptions and so on, to ensure they meet the standard set by search engines and to make sure they fit the search habits of clients and candidates.

We then make recommendations and offer, if need be, the actual content to place on your website.


Area three: Off-Page SEO

 Benefits of Off-Page SEO: Increases your site authority. Authority is for search engines to decide where to place your site for the content you have. The more the authority you have, the higher you will be ranked in the search results. The higher up the result page you are placed, the more enquiries you will gain.

This service is broken down into three areas.

Firstly, we look at what other websites have links pointing to your website to ensure they meet the search engines’ needs.

Secondly, we find you new links to boost your site’s overall authority.

Thirdly, we look for negative SEO attacks on your website to ensure you don’t lose your rankings.


 Area 4: Social Media impact on SEO

 Benefits of Social Media impact analysis: Social standing increases your site’s authority in a similar way to Off-Page SEO, and in some cases the strategies are conjoined.

 Social media impacts your web promotion in a number of ways; there are some very easy wins to be made from a connected program of content on your social channels to your website. We check the present condition of your social presence and its content.

What content you produce is an indicator to the search engines of how serious you are about your online presence.   The better quality the content and the more diverse it is, the better search engines will like your presence.


Frequently asked questions

Does SEO really work?

Yes, it is the most comprehensive marketing strategy for just about all service and product providers.


Will SEO work for recruiters?

Yes, SEO works for recruiters; just ask any of your competition who have rankings for a terms related to client generation or exact candidate matching, and you will find they never want to give up the places.


Why do I need SEO for my jobs when I use job boards or indeed?

In very simple terms, there are 450 million-plus job searches in Google per month, and the top 10 job boards and indeed don’t get close to those numbers of visitors on their site. So your present service providers don’t cover the majority of what people search for.

The second issue is one of competition: would you rather a candidate found you and 30-100 of your competition at the same time, as they do on a job board? In the case of indeed, would you rather your job content be used to find a candidate, only to find 9.9 times out of 10 your job is not on the list of results they find on the indeed link, but your competition’s are?


Can I get clients or is SEO all about candidates?

Yes you can gain client enquiries. There are 40 million-plus searches in Google per month for terms associated with clients looking for a service provider rather than a job seeker looking for a job.


What will I gain from SEO?

Over 10 years of studying and providing these services, the typical recruiter, subject to their fee structure, can expect to gain £200,000 to £500,000 in new business sales.


How long will it take for my rankings to improve?

Some rankings will see instant improvement, especially those for exact job matches, due to the unique nature of the page content. You will not be inundated with hundreds of CVs, like a job board ad attracts, with mostly the wrong people. Instead, you will gain 1-3 exact matches over a period of time per job.

Other terms that are business generation/client led can take 6-9 months of work.


How much does it cost?

The cost of SEO is dependent on the level of work required to get your site moving u the rankings. However, SEO is the only marketing service cost that goes down over time. Take a look at the following return for one of our typical clients.


Industrial Recruiter West London

 Year one spend on SEO services £15,000 versus £160,000 new fee income generated via the site (margin not turnover).

 Years two to five spend on SEO services £3,600 versus £200,000 to £220,000 new fee income generated.

 5-year summaries

  • £33,000 spent on SEO
  • £980,000 in new fee income
  • That is 3.37% of the income spent to generate the sales opportunities the company then closed.
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