R-WEB Recruiter

Market leading recruitment website software since 2004.

R-WEB Recruiter is a GDPR ready recruitment website delivered by SaaS model.


So lets get price out of the way upfront as that is what many people want to know. When independently price tested the R-WEB Recruiter cost on average 208% to 725% less to operate than a site from our competitors. In one stand out case we saved the client 1250% and two others at 1200% savings and 1100% savings. Price comparisons are measured over a 5 year period and independently verified by mystery shoppers.


So how is that possible? Our technology was made in 2004. Since then we have reinvested 24000+ development hours into our website products. This has given as a very stable product and while others have impressive figures like 2000 customer service calls answered in 6 months, our clients will tell your our sites don’t go wrong so they rarely if ever have to make a support call. We can back that up with a service uptime for clients of 99.997% since 2007. The last core system bug we needed to fix was in 2009.


The core stability of our product is why we can run it at a lower cost, and so make our clients major savings of up to 1250%. All clients get to pick from the same extensive features list, so the only variance on cost will just be the cost of the initial design.


We have reviewed our products and services against the forthcoming GDPR legislation and we have a met the needs with flying colours. You can read more on our approach to GDPR here.


Recruitment Websites & Web/ Social Promotion


In addition to brilliant recruitment website technologies we can ensure that your web site is compliant with ‘Google for Jobs’ a new stand out service to ensure your job postings are found in the search index by job seekers. To support this we use have patent pending AI technology that builds landing pages to match job seeker searches.



The work we do in ‘Google for Jobs’ can also be supported by traditional search engine optimisation, adwords marketing and social marketing. In the case of social marketing for example your web site can become a job board on your company Facebook page.


GDPR & Security

Ready willing and capable

GDPR ready, Cyber Essentials, ISO standards, Trained Staff, Vetted Vendors, Cyber Insurance...


Design Options

Award winning design

Design dedicated designs for PC/Laptop users * Optional responsive or dedicated design for mobile users * Optional responsive or dedicated design for tablet users * Unlimited design options from our in-house designer or we can work with third parties you nominate


Mobile Recruitment Websites

Mobile Ready, willing and so very able.

Dedicated Mobile Recruitment Design * Dedicated Tablet User Design * Responsive design * Mobile Specific Recruitment Tools * Mobile Specific Recruitment SEO


Key job seeker features

Market leading job seekers tools since 2004

Register for work * Register direct to your Applicant Tracking System * Register direct to services like Broadbean, Idibu, Logic Mellon, etc * Run job searches * Apply for jobs * Set job alerts * Submit CV * Get salary advice * Join in your blogs * Send you testimonials * Join in market surveys * Subscribe to newsletters & events * Call up their CV for registration from their computer, mobile, iCloud, Dropbox, Google docs, Indeed etc * Submit a timesheet *Submit a starter declaration * Submit references/referees * Submit a satisfaction survey, with published results...


Smoking hot job posting features

Job data that Google has loved since 2004

Standard job adverts * Featured job adverts * Job adverts by sector/specialism * Job adverts by a recruiter/office *See jobs like this feature * Job adverts can have any form of location logic, including postcode radius * Create any/unlimited jobs search filters * Jobs ‘recommended for you’ feature * Users can set/manage job alerts * Jobs can carry benefits packages which are searchable


Compatible with 3rd Parties

Jobs by XML, RSS, CSV, Bespoke API and of course self serve

We have been working with posting job-posting vendors since 2004, creating some of the first interfaces in many cases. So we have not only the knowhow but the tenure of services covering over a decade to ensure best practise is always to hand.


Client tools

Clients get in on the act too

Client microsites * Client campaign pages * carry client logos on jobs or site pages * Online shortlist access * Timesheet approval online * Salary survey tool/subscription * General surveys tool/subscription * Join in your blogs * Submit vacancies * Submit testimonials for your services


SEO & Web Promotion

Recruitment SEO masters since 2004

Google compliant since 2004 * Google Hire Compliant * Google Mobile search ready * Control your URLS * Control your Page Titles * Control your Meta Descriptions * Control your H1, 2 Tags etc * Control your Alt Text * Control your Page Text * Control your Keywords * Control your On page links * Sitemap Auto-Submitted to Search Engines * Control which pages robots index * Unlimited landing pages to match SEO strategy * The only recruitment website with ‘Automated SEO Intelligence’ to gain you exact match jobs seekers to your job ads.



Value unmatched by any other vendor

Over 5 years our websites are 208% to 1250% less expensive to operate than Volcanic, JXT, Venn, 4Mat, FX Recruiter. With no loss in features or design craft which has been independently verified.

Our clients say it best…

RecruiterWeb has produced great results for our business which ultimately means Darren is doing a great job.I know I am a demanding client (probably more than most) and want quick results and quite often test Darren’s patience but he is always a true professional and tackles this with, skill, reasoning, honesty, and integrity. I really love working with Darren, he is able to interpret my wishes and even interpret what I’m not able to actually articulate!
Thank you for your all your support.


Margaret George Managing Director