How do we do support?

Our CMS is the most reliable recruitment website measured over 15 years and counting

Face to face, inbuilt help guides/video in our CMS, telephone support, skype/zoom/join me support, video tutorials, PDF quick reference guides and structured training for your exact site set up…


All these items figure into our support offering making it, we think, the most comprehensive service offering. Our support starts with how robust our software is. We have not had a core system bug in our software since 2008, our service uptime measured since 2004 to date is 99.997%. Since 2004 we have reinvested 24000+ hours into refining and polishing our software into being a market leader instability. This means that on an annual basis we deal with almost nil technical support issues.


So what do our clients need help with and how is that delivered?




Most of the website we supply have their regular content (jobs) delivered to them by 3rd party systems like their ATS or job posting tools, the API we have fo this tool is open to all vendors, comes complete with all the guides and technical data the ATS or job posting vendors needs and we have a login and download area for vendors to interact with your site. We also support this process with a video tutorial and quick references worksheet. Further support can be provided by our support team/support ticket system is the 3rd party gets into any difficulty.


All other content


The remainder of the content on the website is supported by one to one training with your staff members nominated to manage the site, this is typically in the form of a screen share sessions where we break the uses of the CMS features down into two to three 1 hour sessions.

These sessions are then backed up with video tutorials (these videoes can be accessed on each page fo the CMS), downloadable training sheets, and support request to our support team.


Outsourced CMS support


In the event that you and or your staff feel unable or don’t have time to manage the CMS, then that task can be outsourced to us and we offer an SLA for site updates which range from same to next day delivery. Outsourced CMS support is from £50 to £75 per month and is a 30-day rolling contract.

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Our clients say it best…

Darren and his team gave us clear and best advice for our project, in particular taking care of all third parties in different times zones, which frankly I would not have had the time or patience for. Truly a great joined up service.


Harry Bigwood