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We are dedicated to recruitment website design.


Our founder is an ex-recruiter/recruitment company owner, and his passion is to help recruiters with their online presence, providing the best recruitment website design options.


Be that getting new recruiters online or helping established recruiters to have a better experience online.


Unlike the majority of our competitors, we do not supply our services to employers; we think that is a conflict of interest, and we don’t want to bite the hand of the recruitment industry.


We have been designing recruitment sites since 2004 and have worked with clients in the UK, USA, Australia and across Europe in English and multiple other languages.


Below are some of the answers to the regular questions we get asked about design.

Do we offer templated design?

Yes, we unashamedly offer a range of templates for clients who are on a budget. There are multiple template options to choose from, and they are aimed at recruiters who want to invest in the best-featured recruitment website technology but who want to keep the design budget in check.


That said, we do not cut corners just because it is a template project, and we think our current range of templates has some fresh offerings; the links below take you to some examples of our templates that are live now.

Do we offer a bespoke design service?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive bespoke design, and experience tells us there are potentially 25 individual pages on a website which may need a unique design/template. To meet that need, we offer a range of packages that allows a client to pick how many pages they want made bespoke for their project, and then price the project on the basis of how much bespoke design is needed.

This means our bespoke projects are typically £3600 to £7200 to build, which the client can pay in 12 instalments over the first 12 months of the contract to assist with the cash flow of moving up to bespoke design.


Examples of bespoke designs we have made:

How do we deal with mobile?

We offer responsive design, but we also provide a dedicated mobile design, all delivered on the same CMS Platform.


You can read more on that on our ‘How we do mobile’ page, but in short, having a dedicated mobile design gives many advantages over-responsive, including better speed of page delivery, being able to design workflows specific to mobile users, and setting up content best suited to ‘Mobile SEO’, like meeting the needs of the ever-growing longtail search queries by job seekers.


Longtails are the kind of Google searches that use very definitive search requests, so instead of searching for ‘sales jobs’, they might search for ‘sales jobs in Cambridge’. But when using tools like Alexa and so on, voice users will often say things like “Alexa, find me a sales job paying 50k base near Cambridge city centre”.

Will we work with other designers?

Yes, we have no issues working with a designer of your choice; this will also make a saving on your project, as we will discount the design part of our service from the cost of the project.


Also if you are happy with your current website design but unhappy with your supplier, then we can lift and shift your design to RecruiterWEB. This again will save you money over our standard fees.

What is the process we follow to produce your design?

For a template design project, we will show you our range of templates, from which you will nominate the template you like best. If you are unsure, you can pick up to three templates. We will then draw those templates with your corporate brand for you to approve for the build.


For the bespoke design, we will sit with you and take a full design brief, taking into account any brand guidelines you wish us to follow. This brief will take into account your wants and needs, studies of what employers and jobseekers want in your niche, and what else has been done online in your niche/niches.


We will then produce drawings for you to bring our design ideas to life; the drawings can have unlimited revisions to ensure you get the page design you want before we move to build. This saves time, effort and future money waste on updates to live sites. If you have ordered multiple pages, this process will be replicated for all pages you have paid to have as bespoke. At no point are you encouraged just to settle and have just any page design; you get what you want in all cases.

How do we deal with design changes once the site is live?

Following the launch of the site, our clients can make most changes they will need to make to key elements of all pages in the website admin tools, but if it is a clear page design change and/or the creating of a new design template is needed, then we offer our clients two paths.




If you want to make changes to your website over time, then we offer what we call a ‘DesignProofing’ service, where you make an agreed monthly fee and we bank hours of design work for you at a discounted rate. These hours can be used at any time, and if you have not used the hours at the time you want a full site redesign in the future, then they will be used to reduce the cost of the full redesign. More can be found on this page about our ‘DesignProofing’ service.


Pay as you go design


The second option is to have any changes made on a pay as you want them basis.


We review about 100 websites per week, in multiple niches, countries and markets, to keep pace with what direction design could and should take. But our first rule of design is to create an inclusive design process that the client, their staff, and the job seekers and clients they work for will be happy with.


We have been designing recruitment sites since 2004 and have worked with clients in the UK, USA, Australia and across Europe in English and multiple other languages.


Our clients have won awards for their designs from industry bodies in their sector. Clients being recognised by the industry they recruit for is, we think, the best kind of award.


Our focus is on you, not on us. Our clients’ validation of our work is all we need. So RecruiterWEB has not won any recruitment industry awards, but then we do not enter any awards, we turn down invites to awards, we do not sponsor tables at awards events, and we do not advertise or buy services from those who give out industry awards!!!

Our clients say it best…

Why have a Ninja when you can have a Jedi to trouble shoot your problems. If Starwars was real then the RecruiterWEB would be the Jedi’s of support.


Stephen Turnock