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Responsive design and or dedicated recruitment website design…


RecruiterWEB offers clients two options when it comes to their mobile recruitment website presence, those being a responsive design and dedicated mobile design. We explain the pros and cons of each as follows:


Responsive Recruitment Website Design


Responsive in most cases has become the default offering from vendors and in essence, responsive takes design which is made to suit desktop screens in landscape format and reorders items of that design to fit the smaller screen of mobile devices.


Pro’s – Cheap to do and if you have a highly elaborate design that can be preserved on a mobile in most cases.


Con’s – Responsive design can be slow due to your eborate design, some items just won’t scale down well making for a bad user experience, features do not always translate like applying for jobs can be made more difficult for users on a responsive design.


Dedicated Mobile Recruitment Website Design


In 2007 RecruiterWEB brought to market the worlds first dedicated recruitment website offering that was built into the core CMS so you had decided mobile and desktop design options all on one CMS. Improving over the other market options where a second site was needed and placed on an msite url.


Pro’s – Better user experience as the design is made for mobile, faster than responsive design, can be fully customised for mobile SEO so better for matching to voice search queries in tools like Siri, Alexa etc.


Con’s – Elaborate designs get dumbed down to make them run better on a mobile.

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Our clients say it best…

Darren and his team gave us clear and best advice for our project, in particular taking care of all third parties in different times zones, which frankly I would not have had the time or patience for. Truly a great joined up service.


Harry Bigwood