What can we tell you about your sites performance?

We give you the who, what, when, where, why, how.

RecruiterWEB’s report tool can provide you with the following kinds of information:

  1. The number of visitors to the site by date range?
  2. Number of visitors per page by date range?
  3. When people visited by date, times etc.?
  4. What device was used to visit?
  5. Using what browser type?
  6. From what source did they come (Google SERPS, Adwords, Google for Jobs etc.)?
  7. What keywords, were used to find your site?
  8. How many pages did the visitor look at?
  9. How many registrations by date range etc?
  10. Job application stats for jobs by date, recruiter, location sectors etc.?
  11. If they set a job alert and what kind?
  12. Have they signed up for your salary survey?
  13. Have they signed up for your generic surveys?
  14. Are your blogs read, followed and commented on?
  15. What does your return visitors traffic look like?
  16. What is your drop off rate by page?
  17. What pages are your top used pages?
  18. What pages are your least used pages?
  19. Metadata compliance check?
  20. The number of indexed pages your site has?
  21. The number of inbound links to your site?
  22. The number of outbound links from your site?
  23. What is the sites bounce rate?
  24. What countries are visitors from?
  25. What are the top referring sites?


There are more reports, but you get the general picture that you will know the who, what, when, where, why, how of the traffic to and user habits on your website.

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Our clients say it best…

RecruiterWeb gave us so much insight into the recruitment world online they became the instant front runner for our website project and I am pleased to say the knowledge has led to real results.


Matt Howe