What Do Employers Want From Your Site?

Jobs, jobs and better content

Employers have a distinct need of your website also, here we share some of our know-how about employer wants from a recruitment website.


Top 10 wants from a recruitment website*


  1. Employers want you to acknowledge they look for recruiters so set your site to be found for employer-led queries in Google, Bing etc.
  2. Fast links to your people. They want to know about you and how/why to use you.
  3. Clear evidence of your track record. Case studies, real testimonials, information that validates your knowledge of your niche.
  4. Jobs that match your claimed expertise. Don’t fall at this hurdle, make sure you have job content that proves you are in their talent space.
  5. Supporting content about your niche, which is of value to read. Again validation is the key.
  6. Case studies mentioned above but again all about validation.
  7. Examples of your methodologies, like how you recruit, what you use etc.
  8. Evidence of your compliance with relevant laws, rules, principals etc.
  9. Advice outside of the hiring cycle.
  10. Video/rich media led information.


Top tools employers are looking to you, to provide?


  • Salary Survey/advice Tools.
  • Profiles of active talent you have in their niche.
  • Microsites/branded pages for higher value joint branded recruitment exercises.
  • Timesheet approval online.
  • Job tracking.
  • Real references, Trust Pilot etc.


Since 2004 we have asked all our clients/potential clients during the design discovery process to ask their clients what they want to find on the recruiter’s next website, the aforesaid summaries that feedback which we update here annual as trends progress. We also evaluate on average 100 recruiter sites a week, which is 5200 a year or approximately 72000 sites reviews since 2004. 

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Our clients say it best…

RecruiterWeb helped us generate client traffic via our website and over the last 10 years, it has proven to be our most consistent source of new client enquiries. Our site is a no frills, no fuss website but it resonates with potential clients who see us as a personal service provider.


Duncan Sykes