What do job seekers want from your site?

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Since 2004, we have gained a bit of know-how about designing recruitment websites…


Top 5 wants from a recruitment website*


  1. Easy-to-find jobs
  2. A job search with the right filters
  3. A recruiter’s name and contact info
  4. Clear and direct access to who the recruiters are and what they do
  5. A website that is made for a mobile experience


Top wants if you have no jobs on your website that match the job seekers’ needs


  • As boring as it may seem, a live and accurate salary survey or ‘compare my salary’ tool gives instant results and/or allows them to subscribe to an alert to update them on trends. Salary advice is consistently in the top four things active and passive job seekers look for online.
  • Evidence you are candidate champions for top talent, such as a section of your website that promotes key talent you are working with – people who are currently for hire
  • Active social content that directs users to gain the full info from your website
  • Free tools that may help them with their day-to-day roles — one of our clients gives away free online training, for example
  • An active and informative blog for their niche


Job seekers ‘bounce’


Job seekers bounce from your recruitment website job posts, which costs you money. We call it a ‘bounce’ when a job seeker lands on your job but does not apply and does not register for job alerts.


Top reasons for the bounce*


  1. Sparse content about the job, such as one or two lines. It shows a lack of interest — Google also hates this
  2. The same job adverts repeated, over and over — it looks like spam and suggests you can’t be bothered
  3. Responsive design issues for mobile users, making the job hard to read and or apply for
  4. Pay/location issues — mostly due to the ambiguity of information available
  5. No clear calls to action on the benefits of registering with you, if you have no jobs now


*We asked 100 recruiters to ask 100 candidates (10,000) what they thought was needed on their websites to suit the needs of those candidates. They care very little about what the website looks like and consider that mostly to be about the ego and personal taste of the recruiter. Unless it is an utterly miserable design, they couldn’t really care less.

Morgan Spencer

Our clients say it best…

“RecruiterWeb has taken our web presence, which was producing nil job seekers, and made it one of our best candidate attraction tools. We began work with RecruiterWEB in 2008, and they have grown our presence year on year”.


Margaret George