What can employers do to help recruiters during Covid-19?


Start the domino effect to help UK PLC get back on track.


Recruit if you can!


Pay up your outstanding debts. You know you often take liberties with payment terms – now is the time to stop, pay and save thousands of jobs at threat from tardy payment timelines.


Employ people without meeting them face to face. This is the perfect remedy to break unconscious bias. This is your time to grow the emotional maturity of your hiring function to be based on skills/experience. We could get rid of Covid-19 and unconscious bias at this time. Or at the very least push it to the edge of society.


Let recruiters recruit across niches. They work in niches now for two reasons: knowledge of the niche and the fact that volume of work makes specialising best for quality. With no volume, recruiters should be recognised just for their recruitment know-how.


Follow the government’s lead and relax PSLs. There will be recruiters who have the talent you need not on your current PSL.


Paying recruiters some fees is better than paying recruiters no fees, but don’t take the piss. A £6k fee before should not be a £3k fee now, but it could be a £1000 fee per month for 6 months.


Covid-19 makes some job roles less needed, but there will be many job roles where the demand for talent will rise off the chart. Now is the time to give recruiters the time and access to line management often restricted in boom time. You might think you are in the driving seat, but the best talent will not change jobs and risk the security they have now on the weight of the typical job spec you issue.


Use the 12-24 weeks of the time predicted where most disruption will take place to advance plan your recovery and talk with your recruiters about how and when you plan to re-recruit or ramp up your recovery, even if it is just theory for now. Recruiters who are asking their banks for Covid-19 loans will be asked by banks to forecast their recovery; your recruiting plans in 3, 6, 9, 12 months could be the difference between their getting those loans and not.


When the market warms up and the recruiters start pitching you in huge volumes, take the calls. They are the front line to re-float the economy by getting people back into work.


When the market warms up, give recruiters time to explain the career gap for an employee who was sent home and paid 80% of their wages by the government. What the employee did with that time and how. It is no reflection of them that they were on the list chosen to be stood down.


If you have good news, share it to the four corners of the recruitment universe.


Remember your history, employers: recruitment as an industry came about at the government’s request for firms to specialise in getting people back to work post WW2. If Covid-19 puts us on war footing, recruiters will be needed to get us back to work.



Darren Revell

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