What is Marketing?

I watched a seminar recently on what marketing is, the main pundit said it was the “Science of business” and without it you can not be in business.  That may well be true but unlike the scientific sector marketing has no recognised qualifications/simple examples to bear testimony to their work.  Most anyone can be a marketeer and most anyone has tried to be one, meeting the anyones is what puts most people off marketing because the genuine marketing scientist is hard to find.

So what is my go to guide to Marketing?

Marketing is not one things and whatever it is, it does not stand still.  It was fine in the past to have a car dealership with cars on your forecourt.  Today you need no forecourt to be a car sales person with sites like Autotrader and EBay.

Know your tactics from your strategy.  Blogging is a tactic it is not a strategy, and you need to know the difference between tactics and strategies.

Great marketing is not about finding out all the tactics of marketing and implementing them all for your company.  If you did you would harm your strategy, it is also not about copying your competitor’s strategy/tactic as that may also not work for you.  How can that be so?  Well lets look at football some team win games with a flat back four and some win games with a Christmas tree formation.

Marketing & Comedians more in common than you would think!

Observational comedy has been the growth commedy format in my lifetime, marketing makes observations on people and then alters the business approach to suit the needs of the clients.


Darren Revell
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