R-WEB Job Board Software

Job Board Software mastery by RecruiterWEB delivered via SaaS model.

R-WEB Job Board is delivered by SaaS model


Our dedicated Job Board CMS has been used to support online recruitment portals globally since 2004; few other vendors can claim such a history. But history is not all we have; we have a class-leading content management system with proven features that are best in class.


So if you want to get your show on the road and give the best gig in town, we’ll be your faithful roadies. Give us a call and/or shoot us an email and we will give you a call to discuss how you want to take your show on the road or revamp your act with better technology delivered at a real-world cost.


Which reminds us we have not mentioned cost… when independently tested R-WEB Job Board is 700% less expensive than comparable products from Madgex and 350% less if you wish to own the source code instead of run on a SaaS basis.


Job Board Web & Social Promotion


In addition to brilliant job board technologies we can ensure that your career site is compliant with ‘Google for Jobs’ a new stand out service for employers and job boards to ensure their job postings are found in the search index by job seekers. To support this we use have patent pending AI technology that builds landing pages to match job seeker searches. We also integrate with services like JobG8, Broadbean, Idibu, Logic Mellon, Jobmate etc.


The work we do in ‘Google for Jobs’ can also be supported by traditional search engine optimisation, adwords marketing and social marketing. In the case of social marketing for example your career site can become a job board on your company Facebook page.


Multi Sector Commercial Job Board

Want to be the next Reed, Monster, Jobsite? OK we've got you covered.


Niche Sector Job Boards

Maybe you want to be the next Cyber Security Job Board, maybe a part time back to work mums site. Whatever your need we've got you covered.


Trade Publication Job Boards

So your a leading publication and now you want leading job board software. We've got you covered.


Trade Association Job Boards

Your a trade or industry body who wants a job board for your members. We've got you covered.

Our clients say it best…

RecruiterWEB have helped me achieve a 20-year dream.
The FX Careers Index is on it’s way and the best thing
is RecruiterWEB have helped us avoid mistakes as well as
providing us a world class platform.


Gary Marshall Founder