Jun 22, 2024

10 Local SEO tips for Recruiters

10 Local SEO tips for Recruiters

Local SEO is essential to attract customers based on their locality and to fill your jobs by location. Here are ten tips to help you improve your local SEO:

Optimise Your Google My Business Profile

  • Claim and Verify: Ensure you claim and verify your Google My Business (GMB) listing.
  • Complete Information: Fill out all the information accurately, including your business name, address, phone number, website, business hours, and category.
  • Add Photos: Put quality images of your business, products, and services.

Consistent NAP Information

  • Name, Address, Phone Number: Make sure your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are correct and consistent across all online spurces, like your website, social media, directory listings etc.
  • Avoid Variations: Avoid any variations or discrepancies in your NAP information to prevent confusing search engines and customers.

Local Keywords Optimisation

  • Keyword Research: Use Google Keyword Planner or Moz to find local keywords relevant to your business and ask your candidates and clients for search terms they use with locations.
  • Incorporate Keywords: Include these keywords naturally in your website’s content, meta descriptions, title tags, and headers.

Create Location-Specific Pages

  • Job landing pages: If your nice covers multiple locations buil out location based job landing pages.
  • Service Area Pages: If your business serves multiple locations, create separate pages for each area, optimised with local keywords.
  • Unique Content: Make sure each page has unique content written for the specific location.

Optimise for Mobile

  • Responsive Design: Make sure your website is mobile-friendly/has a great user experience on all devices.
  • Fast Loading: Improve your site’s loading speed to enhance user experience and search engine rankings.

Local Backlinks and Citations

  • Local Directories: Submit your business to local directories and online listings such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and TripAdvisor.
  • Local Partnerships: Build relationships with local businesses and organisations to earn backlinks from their websites.

Encourage Customer Reviews

  • Ask for Reviews: Ask happy candidates and employers to leave 5 star reviews on your GMB profile and other review sites. Make sure they uses terms re,ated to recuritment and or the job you filled in that location.
  • Respond to Reviews: Respond to reviews professionally, addressing both positive and negative feedback.

Utilise Social Media

  • Local Engagement: Engage with your local community through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter).
  • Share Local Content: Share content related to local events, news, and community involvement to increase local engagement.

Use Local Structured Data Markup

  • Schema Markup: Add local business schema markup to your website to help search engines understand your business details.
  • Enhanced Listings: This can enhance your business’s listing in search results with rich snippets, making it more attractive to users.

Monitor and Analyse Your Performance

  • Google Analytics: Use Google Analytics to track your website’s performance and user behaviour.
  • GMB Insights: Regularly review GMB Insights to understand how customers find and interact with your business listing.
  • Adjust Strategies: Based on your analysis, adjust your SEO strategies to improve performance and address any weaknesses.


Give it a go and see how your ranking change for location/near me searches and remoeber consistency is key. SEO is NOT a one time task write it and leave it. You will need to be patient and build your track record/soldi foundations and then your site will flourish in the rankings.


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