Client Support & Platform Maintenance

Client Support & Platform Maintenance

First off, let's be clear on all plans the client gets the following:

  1. Unlimited client support/training.
  2. Peace of mind you are working with a professional vendor with a team of people to support the website/you as a client.
  3. Access to experts who have solved recruiters needs online since 2004.

The story so far: Service means service

  1. RecruiterWEB will be 20 years old in Jan 2024; the last time we had an unplanned server outage was 18 years ago.
  2. 81% of our first-line support questions are answered immediately.
  3. 90% of our second-line support questions are answered in under 2 hours
  4. All our websites come with inbuilt training tutorials.
  5. All our clients get unlimited support and a dedicated account manager.
  6. Our philosophy is there are no stupid questions, just ones that need answers.
  7. Our standard support hours are 8 am to 6 pm, and our support hours for emergencies are 24/7 - 365

Recurring Fees

RecruiterWEB is a rental software vendor, so our tech is rented in the same way you rent other software like your CRM/ATS, Office 365 etc.

Inclusive in the rental are the following:

  1. An ongoing rental of our website software.
  2. Annual website Security Certificate.
  3. Maintenance of Cyber Security updates.
  4. Maintenance of Browser updates essential to keep the site compatible on all devices.
  5. Maintenance of the operating software essential to keep the site online and, again, cyber secure.
  6. Routine maintenance of the RecruiterWEB code
  7. Server space, hosting and unlimited bandwidth.
  8. Maintenance of server environment.
  9. Maintenance of Email systems to interact with website users.
  10. Google for Jobs API integration.

Can you elect not to pay these fees?

No, we operate as a professional services company that provides software as a service; we take Cyber security, GDPR compliance, people's personal data and its protection very seriously.

All software, including website software, needs core systems software updates and cyber security updates. The recurring fees primarily cover that work, which is why the initial build cost for our sites is so low.

To do that, we have a regular maintenance plan for the software, server and cyber security environments. All vendors who operate this model, including almost all of our industry competitors, do so because this is the best way to guarantee you bug-free, hack-proof, feature-rich hassle-free service.

Service Uptime

This is where RecruiterWEB scores a world champion track record. The RecruiterWEB platform service uptime, measured from 2004 to date, is 99.997%.

To put that in perspective, compared to our biggest competitor, we have had less service downtime in 15 years than they have had in the past year.

Core System Bugs

Since 2004, we have committed 24000+ person-hours to refine our code. As a result, we last had a core system code bug over fifteen years ago.

To put that into perspective, compared to our biggest competitor, we have had fewer bugs to fix in fifteen years than they have needed to fix in the last 360 days.

Planned Maintenance

We like to get ahead of the game to keep our clients' sites running, so we don't charge the lowest fee possible and hope nothing goes wrong.

Like the other critical system software vendors you likely rely upon, we have a planned routine to keep the code in top condition and performing well. Our clients typically pay £100 per month to achieve that. That does not make us the cheapest vendor, but when you realise the professional grade to which we work to keep you safe online, then you will appreciate the value for money we offer.

Unlimited Support

Our founder is alerted to every request of every client, and he personally reviews any issue a client has. All staff then have to report when the task is fixed and any future lessons we need to take.

98% of the support requests we get are user error when using the admin tools of the website, almost all of which are due to not watching the videos before making changes.

Clients can ask questions as often as they want; they will be answered in several ways. The first is to use our support ticketing system, which is managed by email. We may then elect to change or fix what the client needs, send a video reminder of what to do, and/or call the client to organise a reminder of how to complete X or Y.

Service Level Agreement

Simple faults we clear daily, and system-critical flaws we target to clear in under an hour. However, due to the robustness of our code and the servers they are run on, we last had one of these critical events over fifteen years ago.

Mostly our support tickets are answered within a few mins; on rare days, you may have to wait up to 1-2 hours. For any critical task, the support will always be instant.


Template sites support are £100 + VAT per month.
Bespoke sites support are £249 + VAT per month.
Job Board Support are from £399 + VAT per month.


Comparing RecuriterWEB's service to the website supplier with no professional support plan is like comparing a recruitment company to the Jobcentre. So if you want to work with a professional service provider with extensive recruitment industry knowledge going back to 1993… then we are your supplier.

*Part of GDPR compliance is you should have taken all reasonable care with cyber security. The two instances listed demonstrated you had not taken all reasonable care, so you would be in breach.