Jan 09, 2024

Branding tip 1: Ask yourself why your brand is needed

Branding tip 1: Ask yourself why your brand is needed

Many a business may not have been started or started in the wrong direction if they just asked themselves why is our brand needed.

If 42000+ recruiters were registered at companies' houses in 2023, and 6000 to 8000 will register in 2024, what need is your brand going to fulfil that hundreds or maybe even thousands of others are not?

Establishing the need for your brand is vital in establishing where it will sit in the market and, moreover, identifying where it can get started with the low-hanging fruit that will be your tribe, recognise your value and become an inbound source of income.

What you are going to do for yoru clients is the basis for your existency it is your WHY.



RecruiterWEB was needed as there was a lack of transparency in recruitment website tech, which led to convoluted and often overpricing of recruitment website tech.

We countered that with a brand which is clear on pricing, removed convoluted messaging about recruitment websites tech and as a result, we deliver tech that is easily understood and valued.