Jan 10, 2024

Branding tip 2: Identify a memorable name or slogan.

Branding tip 2: Identify a memorable name or slogan.


Choosing a brand name can be challenging; it will dictate your customers' first impression and set you apart from the competition. So you want to put some thought into it.

There is no exact science to brand names; there are some base ideas to follow:

  • Express you: Many recruiters go for combinations of their name, names. Which is fine because it aligns with you are the difference.
  • Catchy: Make it memorable if you can.
  • Simple to spell and pronounce: When reading or writing your brand name. Simplicity is key. 
  • Recognisable: A good brand name should stand out amongst the crowd. 


Nike has "Just Do It."

L'Oréal has "Because You're Worth It."

Kit Kat: "Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat"

When creating a memorable slogan for your brand, here are our top tips:

  • Keep it short and concise.
  • Focus it on your audience and not on you.
  • Try to imply a benefit/keep the message positive.
  • Align it with your brand's identity or mission.
  • Use language your target audience understands.
  • Being remembered is better than being unique.
  • Test the name or slogan for positive associations and memorability.
  • Don't mince your words.


While there's no foolproof recipe or definitive way to name or brand your agency, if you talk among your peers or listen to how you explain why you are in business to friends and loved ones, often the works will come to you in these conversations.


RecruiterWEB has historically run with two slogans and our name does what it says on the tin recrutiment and web.

"We cut prices, not corners". The idea is that even though we have low-cost pricing, we are not a low-quality supplier. The implied benefit is we are high-quality tech at a low price.

"Part of your 5-a-day tech stack". You can't avoid the 5-a-day diet message for your health; the implied message here is that RecruiterWEB is one of the core healthy staples for your tech stack.