Apr 23, 2023

Buying Recruitment Websites Tip 4

Buying Recruitment Websites Tip 4

I am an ex-recruiter/recruitment company owner who embarked, and now I run a recruitment website development company since 2004.

Disclaimer I am severely Dyslexic, and so this post will have spelling and grammar errors, partly because I am severely Dyslexic but mostly because Word, Chrome & Grammarly can't agree on what is correct and what is not, so WTF chance have I got? Either way, the advice here has been validated by some others who know a little bit about websites, recruitment marketing and SEO.

Here is some free advice on the subject based on 18 years and counting of delivering recruitment websites to the most prominent and smallest recruitment firms in all continents of the world, in multiple languages across hundreds of niches or niches of niches.

Lesson 4 - Features

Waste of time and money features 17 years and millions and millions and millions of candidate interactions with my recruitment websites in all continents of the world have proven to be true:

Candidates don't want an account with your website.

Candidates don't want to put jobs in baskets.

Candidates don't want to send CV updates to your website.

Candidates don't want to answer tons of questions to apply for jobs or submit CV's (ATS vendors; this means your forms).

Candidates care very little if you have a bespoke or template design. They care if you have the jobs they need in the frequency they need them.

Nameless testimonials add no value; they are a chocolate fireguard.

Features which will get you into trouble with users, GDPR and hackers:

Candidate portals provided by the website vendor and not the ATS suck also expose you to hacking.

Think I exaggerate? Insurance companies are pulling out of insurance hacks at a phenomenal rate, this is because the WordPress is part of the reason for this.

Michael Caine won't be briefing his men to "only blow the bloody doors" off a RecruiterWEB site as we don't store any candidate data on our sites. It means hackers won't ever try to hack us, but it does mean there is nothing to hack.

Features that candidates want and like:

Quality written jobs.

Easy use on a mobile.

Easy search jobs feature.

No complicated process to set up job alerts.

Onsite salary advice.

Named employers on jobs or proof of whom you work with.

That recruiter can easily be identified and connected with via your site (phone/email/LinkedIn/Skype/WhatsApp/voicemail)

A space for you to promote job seekers looking for work so they can see you are proactive for them.


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Darren Revell

Please note I am Dyslexic, and in my form, I am blind to grammar, and sometimes I get my fors and fours, etc. backwards.  I am not stupid – in fact, my IQ and EQ are both quite high.  Please keep that in mind when you read my posts.  Thanks.