Jan 04, 2024

Can I mix and match template design features?

Can I mix and match template design features?

Yes, this is available via our Template Plus service, and you can have any bespoke change you want. 

The idea of templates is threefold:

  1. Buy a proven website designed by vendors with 20 years of know-how of what works for recruitment sites.
  2. Control your costs for the best return on investment.
  3. Customise only what you really need to.

The idea of templates is NOT to restrict your choices. The truth is that 95% of websites are based on template designs, and even bespoke sites still follow recognised page design structures.

Vendors tend to be on one camp or the other, and if they are bespoke-only design houses, then they will try to argue the case for bespoke design every time, but that's just a Turkey not wanting to vote for Christmas.

RecruiterWEB has a foot in both camps, so we can make templated or bespoke recruitment website designs based on the client preference and can openly share pros and cons based on 20 years of making recruitment websites.


Find examples of our templates here:




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