Apr 27, 2024

Company Registration Information and what you are legally required to include on your website and emails.

From 2007, the Companies Act has stated that registered companies must display certain information on their website and in their emails, or they will be in breach of the act, fines for which can be upto £1000.


Registered companies need to display the following:


Name, geographic address and email address of the company. This might differ from the trading name. The difference should covered for example, “ACME.com is the trading name of James, James & James Recruitment Limited”


The company registration number and the place of registration should be stated (e.g. “James, James & James Recruitment Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 1234567”).


If you have a VAT number, it should be listed.


Contact us forms should also be supported by an email address and geographic address.


If your business is a member of a trade or professional association, membership details, including any registration number, should be provided.