Jun 12, 2024

Cowboy Recruitment Website Builders

Cowboy Recruitment Website Builders

Why do website vendors tell you you need a new website if you want to move your website to their hosting? While your current vendor tells you it can be hosted anywhere?

Fact 1: Most website vendors make their money out of the website's sale price, not the website's support fees. There is little to no money/profit in support unless you are charging stupidly high fees for support.

So, just hosting your site for the past companies' support fees is unattractive as a deal type. And let's be honest, you would not be leaving that vendor if there were no problems with their support, and that means there will be problems with that software which will need to be found and fixed, and that will take time, money and effort and would be a loss-making task for the vendor if they could only charge for the support fees.

Fact 2: When software is used to make something, it's like writing an essay, and like all of us, even if you are supported by the best spelling and grammar checkers, the story writers will get the odd bug here and there in the code.

But it gets worse. Most software essays are hundreds of thousands if not millions of lines long, and what often happens is storylines in the essay get unconnected, and, like the plot of a bad movie or TV series that disconnects in the plot, will show up as a bug.

However, it might not show up till season 12, and for sure, if the software is not being continually improved, you will get bugs/breakdowns. This is why you need a vendor with a continual dev program, not just a hosting plan.

It then gets a bit more complicated still because a lot of code used by developers is not now written by them; so your developer is actually supplying someone elses code they hope has no bugs. This is how WordPress works. It's full of other people's code, all plugged into your site, often with no support from the plugin vendor.

So, the new support company will want to de-engineer that code or, as a preference, replace it with code they know and trust, which means a new website.

Why are RecruiterWEB different?

In January 2024, RecruiterWEB's code was 20 years old, and it has had over 30,000 hours of our storytellers looking for issues in it to fix. We have staff members who have worked on that code and been with us for 14 years, 12 years, and 11 years and have become old hands at working with our code. This is why, for 15, we have had no major system bugs, as our website's lines of code have been poured over time and time again.

Having years of experience is often shouted down on LinkedIn, but when it comes to software having time to spellcheck or plot check your code, it is worth its weight in the gold, or in our case, 100% service uptime.

It is ironic I know that this post should be written by a severely dyslexic man, but hey, Sergey, Andrii, Dima, and Ganna are the ones who fix our code, and they have no such affliction :)