Apr 03, 2024

How to get traffic to your recruitment website's blog?

How to get traffic to your recruitment website's blog?

10-step guide on how and why to get traffic to your blog post

  1. Research keywords your client and candidates seek in your niche/niches.
  2. Create content that has a long-term value, not short-term.
  3. Where possible user original content.
  4. Let your LinkedIn audience know your blog post is active.
  5. Let other forms of social media know your blog post exists.
  6. Emailshot your candidate and or client audience.
  7. Mention your blog post on complimentary sites.
  8. In the blog post, link to other pages on your website and/or other high-authority website pages.
  9. Make blog posts that can be refreshed/updated/repurposed.
  10. Produce a blog a day for consistency because consistency is key.


Why blog?


Google rates sites based on their content and the usefulness of that content to its audience. Keeping Google happy is good for your website as a whole.

30% of searches made on Google are about employment. That is a massive percentage, and many of those queries can be matched to what you can put in a blog post. You provide the content Google can provide the audience.

Jobs are transitory, blogs are permanent, and blog pages can carry the keyword load job pages are meant to without annoying Google SERPS or Google for Jobs with job pages of filled jobs!


What can you blog about?


Think of the hundreds of questions your candidates ask you about the market or the job-seeking process. There is probably a year's worth of blogs right there.

Write case studies in your blog section, describing the referral services you provided and the keywords from your niche/niches.

Write client & candidate testimonials as blogs. Add the job description of what you filled in to provide Google permanent insight into your recruitment niche expertise at the job level.