Mar 18, 2023

How to get visitors to your recruitment website part 2

How to get visitors to your recruitment website part 2

Welcome to part 2


11. Take up any offer to speak on a podcast where you get the option to promote your website.

12. Use YouTube for video and link back to your site. These links count as a great vote for your website in SEO terms.

13. Get your website shared on partner sites.

14. Interview industry leaders, influencers, clients and candidates for their views and share that on your website (video is a very useful way).

15. Last but not least write high-quality content that matches the habits of long-tail search engine queries. The long tail is a form of search where the user makes a detailed search query like “how to get promoted if you are more qualified than your boss” or “ideal candidates will be in a 15-mile radius of Newmarket for this job”. Job boards and job aggregators tend to dominate the simple search terms like “accounting jobs” but door poorly at the long-tail queries, the more long-tail matches you can build up over time the better your site will be received by Google as matching the needs of the users who make this 30% of “employment-related searches”.

16. Build your Google business page listing.

17. Make sure to take advantage of Google reviews, they have a healthy benefit to getting you ranked for location-based searches.

18. Invite people from your niche to write blogs and articles you can put on your site to share with your audience.

19. Create content to give away online that is useful to your recruitment niche.

20. Run surveys from your website.

21. Run webinars from your website

22. Post a daily/weekly vlog.

23. Share relevant information in your blogs that link out to other influential blogs or a website with cool information to read for your recruitment niche.

24. Struggle with the written word? Say it with an infographic, video or voice recording instead.

25. Be consistent, the biggest failure we see to self-generate traffic is the honeymoon period is about 6 weeks for trying to get your own traffic. Then the excitement tails off and so does the content. If you want your site to generate you income you have to do this work or pay someone to do it for you.


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