Feb 15, 2023

How web promotion is changing

How web promotion is changing

SEO & Consumers

In simple terms consumers will go to the web and run a search for what they want. Then they will go and engage with sites/service providers that they find (at a diminishing rate based upon your position) in the first 10 links. 96% of all business is done with companies in the first 5 links.

Consumers follow some pretty established routes to finding what they want online and the more experienced they become the more they follow what is termed Long Tail or Phrased based searching, to better pinpoint the vendors they are looking for.

How has SEO Changed?

In the last few years Google has turned on its head in the way it measures your On Page and Off Page strategy.

Google is now far more able to qualify what you have to do in far more detail. Hence you will see lots of information about SEO being dead, or SEO link partnering (the number one way historically to do Off Page SEO) is dead, etc.

None of this is true. It all just became a great deal harder, requiring a higher quality of content to be applied to your On and Off Page SEO strategies and for you to choose your Off Page SEO partners based on real merit.

SEO Local and Local Mobile

In your market space, as well as establishing a UK wide brand presence online, it is essential for you to look at the way consumers have adopted new methods of finding local suppliers. They want Google to deliver Yell.com style results, that is to say quick, easy and fully accessible from their choice of mobile device. Help Google do that and you will be rewarded by an appropriate rise in clients coming to your site via the search engines.


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