May 22, 2023

Meeting Candidates need with a Recruitment Website

Meeting Candidates need with a Recruitment Website

A great deal is written about the candidate’s journey with a recruiter and the job-seeking process. With our candidate features, we have made sure to keep pace with the demands of candidates.

In fact, on every website we build, we ask our clients to survey their candidates to ensure their wants and needs are met. Take a look at our ‘what we can do for your job seekers’ page to learn more about what those surveys produce as results.

The good-to-know pitch about Candidate features

  • Submit CV.
  • Create a CV.
  • Search for jobs.
  • Apply for jobs.
  • Set job alerts.
  • Save jobs.
  • Share jobs.
  • Tell you the job they want.
  • Message your recruiters direct.
  • Refer a friend.
  • Complete a timesheet.
  • Complete a starter form.
  • Complete a getting-paid form.
  • Alert you to their availability.
  • GDPR – Subject Access Request.
  • GDPR – Data deletion request.
  • Provide a testimonial.
  • Get instant and subscribed salary advice.
  • Get instant and subscribed knowledge hub advice.
  • All forms relating to these features described above can be controlled in the website admin.


These are all standard for all our websites FYI.

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