Feb 15, 2024

Recruitment SEO Step 14: The Ultimate Blogging Strategy for Recruiters

One of the biggest hurdles for recruiters is finding what to blog about that fits the time they have free and will not run out of ideas after the obvious how to interview well, etc.

Consider your audience

The other thing to consider is who you want the blog to be aimed at. Like if you are writing an influential post, you will likely not have original content, but if you are generating great advice, then you need only offer a short opinion on the subject.

Blog types to offer

Blog Aggregation

Find content that is well written and will be informative for your audience like write a summary blog posts about it and put a link in the blog where the user can read the original article or blog.

This is a 5-minute task over your morning coffee and will help your audience see your insight into the market, and Google will lap up the outbound link strategy.

Blogs to educate your audience

Google tells us that 30% of searches in its indexed are about employment; these searches are made by clients and candidates alike, so if you want the best blog subjects, then you need to write to what they are searching for.

Examples of those searches would be how to when to, where to, and why to type questions about their job, niche, sector, pay, etc.

Testimonials/Case studies as blogs

Most clients and candidates will give you a testimonial, but it probably will be a couple of lines of text, or they may even say, " Write it for, and I will approve it.

But this level of content won't make a full blog or, in reality, make much of a testimonial page. Taking the job advert you placed when you were actively recruiting for the role and adding it to the testimonial solves the volume of content issues and adds to that some form of a narrative of how the process took place with x people long-listed, y people shortlisted etc. makes for a full blog and one jam-packed with keywords which will match long tail searches made about recruiters client and candidates want to find.