Jan 12, 2024

Recruitment SEO Step 8: Send all your jobs to your website

Recruitment SEO Step 8: Send all your jobs to your website

Having recruited myself, I can, from first-hand experience, say that not all the jobs I got were workable, and they had zero to little value for me.

When it comes to SEO, however, every job is valuable because it helps Search engines understand you are active in your niche/niches. You will often hear that consistency is the key to SEO and social, which is true of your jobs.

It's also why and how job boards dominate so many rankings; they use your jobs to get these rankings. As a side note, we made a job board for recruiters, www.recruitzy.co.uk, where you can post unlimited jobs; this site is here for a number of reasons but primarily to help recruiters wrestle back control of their job content online for a sensible annual fee for unlimited jobs of just £300 per year, per agency.

The other obvious use of jobs is that they authenticate for visitors to your site how active you are. After that, having all your jobs on your websites and pushed into Google for jobs is critical to getting rankings for your job content.

Having ALL your jobs on your website helps with the following:

  • Helps your website's trust and authority scores for a wider range of job content, which is essential for SEO.
  • Increases the chances of your desired job listings being seen.
  • Increases the keyword range your site is matched to.
  • Increases Organic Traffic
  • Improves Brand Visibility and Credibility
  • Clients look at your jobs, the more they see, the more credibility you have