Jan 03, 2023

Why change your Recruitment Website Design?

Why change your Recruitment Website Design?

Recruitment Websites are often the first place a potential client or candidate will connect with your brand.

It is your unsung salesperson that works for a base salary of typically £100 a month, asks for no commission and if made the right way. With the right recruitment website design, your website might be one of your top-performing recruiters.

Since 2004 we have gained quite a bit of insight into what makes recruiters change their sites, so here are the top 10 reasons we encounter from clients we take on.

So what are the top reasons we have seen why recruiters change their websites?

  1. Bad experience with their current supplier.
  2. Bad experiences with their current supplier's tech.
  3. Site traffic issues.
  4. Wait time to get changes to the website done.
  5. Cybersecurity issues broke trust.
  6. A new marketing manager is hired, and they want to put their own stamp on the website.
  7. Changes can only be done by the developer.
  8. Cost of changes to the website
  9. Missing key features like Google for Jobs compatibility.
  10. Design became outdated.

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