Jun 28, 2023

WordPress the uncomfortable truth

WordPress the uncomfortable truth

Want to know what the definitive difference is between a recruitment website made in WordPress versus a recruitment website made in dedicated recruitment website software?

OK, I'll be your huckleberry.

Dedicated recruitment website software

When you buy from a vendor who uses dedicated recruitment website software, that software will have been made by that vendor's staff. So every line of the software code will be known to the vendor's staff and supportable by the vendor's staff.


Conversely, WordPress is not one piece of software; it is a collection of bits of software (plugins) from potentially 55000+ sources. And WordPress suppliers pick from those sources to configure your site, and some even make their own plugins for bits like the job posting but never the whole site. When something goes wrong, they have no control over how long it will take to fix or even if it can be fixed because they are reliant upon the plugin supplier to update the plugin or let them know how to fix the problem.

Now imagine this, if you have a new kitchen fitted, you will accept it is feasible that the sink maker won't be the same maker as the cooker. And WordPress types will use that to justify WordPress plugins.

However, the reality of Pligins is it is more like the cooker has a gas hob, a top oven and bottom over and a grill. All from eight different plugin vendors. Would you buy that cooker if you knew eight different suppliers are in the supply chain to keep it up-to-date and working? No, I thought not, but you will happily do that when you buy a WordPress website.

Typically we see 20-30 plugins in a typical site; rarely are two from the same source, and so your WordPress supplier is really a front for 30 other suppliers.

Cyber Security side note

GoDaddy published stats that 70-90% of all WordPress sites it has on its various platforms have been hacked. Hacks on WordPress sites predominately happen because their plugin updates get out of sync. Dedicated recruitment website software don't have this problem.


Darren Revell


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