Google for Job is SEO – erm sorry no!


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art, science, skill, task of getting your website pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google, BING etc.


Google for Jobs (GFJ) is a job aggregation service (like indeed) from Google that Google is (pending a review by The EU Competition authorities) dominating the top of its web search page results for job search and also increasing for terms which include recruitment, recruiter, employment etc.


It is doing that in sufficient number to worry 15 other companies (mostly other job aggregators) to report this “results position manipulation” to the EU.


People with little to no SEO knowledge are saying GFJ is SEO because it is getting top position on the page, but therein lies the rub GFJ is reaching the prime position and not YOU.


You only get in on the act if your jobs are at the top of the aggregated results when the user moved into the GFJ environment. Same as indeed and other aggregators.


Now you can make a tenuous link to GFJ position and your jobs being in GFJ at the top of Google, but that is a very, very, very tenuous link.


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