How recruiters can get the best from Google Adwords

There is a myth that will not die and does the rounds every so often that if you use GoogleAdWords, your website will get a bump in its SEO results. Google will tell you this is clearly not the case, and so, honestly, if you are working with or considering an AdWords partner who tells you this, you are being sold. If you do get a bump, it will be for other reasons than AdWords.


Now, instead of being like one of those posts where all you get told is what you should not do and how you did something wrong, which is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard, here are some proven ways to use AdWords to your advantage.



Immediate impact uses


Got a hot job or a series of hot jobs to fill with the same kind of candidate? You can run an Adwords campaign for this job/these jobs for 4-6 weeks and leapfrog Google for Jobs, Indeed, Reed, CV, Libary, Total Jobs and all the other usual suspects. This is easier to do if you also can target a location, like a town. Below, you see you don’t get competition from Google for Jobs if you add the town Dartford (these results will vary).



Longer-term uses

You can try a similar set of adverts for a recruitment niche as opposed to a job; the spend will be higher than with a job due to competition, but in almost 20 years of working with search engines, the biggest tip I can give is “test, don’t assume”. Assuming the cost of an Adwords campaign will be too high for you is why the majority never test their market niches and so lose out based upon assumption, not fact.


Sanity uses

Lots of SEO work is based on guesswork – deducted guesswork, but guesswork nonetheless. Using AdWords to run testing to see if a search query you want to optimise for would see any traffic is a great way to use AdWords.


Remarketing uses

Ever run a search, clicked on an AdWords ad, then moved on to other sites and found the Google AdWords on the other sites you visit? This is remarketing, where if your AdWords campaign hits certain traffic numbers, your ads will qualify to be remarked on Google AdWords partner sites.

Take a leap of faith uses

Recruiters right now are increasingly taking up the challenge to advertise jobs with their client’s logo, or even a full-on microsite branded as their client (we have that feature in our recruitment tech for recruiters to use free of charge, FYI). Employers don’t often use AdWords to promote their jobs, and so you could find a niche win in doing so yourself. Drop the mic and thrash the other PSL suppliers to the win.



Watch this



We don’t sell AdWords services, and so this post is not motivated for any other reason than to give simple advice recruiters can benefit from, but if you do want to speak to a vendor we rate, then Robert Woodford at The Marketing Junction is a good guy and honest.


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P.P.S. Darren wrote this, and he is severely dyslexic. He used Grammarly, Word and Chrome spelling/grammar checks, and, well, they agree on about the same amount as Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems. So he had little chance to avoid typos, and, well, as the advice is free, we kinda hoped you’d look past that one for now and focus on the advice.