Recruitment website design colours: what to know?

What colour for your website?

Everything is communication, even the colour of your website. So that got us to thinking: what do colours mean to people?

Here are a few common colours and the concepts we normally associate with each of them.

Red: boldness and excitement; youth and warmth

Orange: cheer and confidence

Yellow: clarity and warmth; energy and focus

Green: peace and abundance; growth and wealth

Blue/Indigo: dependability, strength and steadiness

Violet/Purple: creativity and imagination; nobility

Grey: neutrality and calm

Naturally, there are a great many more colours, and a great many more emotions to boot, and don’t get us started on colour combinations. So colour has an effect and should be a key consideration in your web design.

You won’t be using just a single colour on your site, of course, but perhaps a handful of colours that complement each other. Colour palettes are exactly that: colour combinations based on how individual colours relate to each other in the colour wheel. The method of arriving at colour combinations can be quite technical and requires knowledge of visual art concepts.

As with all things web, we recommend testing; in this case, have your web designer draw some samples in a range of colours and then put those ideas in front of a small feedback group. A feedback group could be 5-10 clients, 5-10 candidates.

These focus groups can help you tell if your plans to be bold and beautiful work for your clients and candidates, or moreover if they will not and neutral and calm is what they want.

Choosing the right colour palette will help you create a website that is consistent with your branding and that effectively communicates your marketing messages. It will also engender trust that you are what you say you are.

Darren Revell


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