Tip 2: Stop playing Russian Roulette with your website security, get SSL & HTTPS in place.

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So let’s start with why have an SSL? 77% of all cyber-criminal activity is directed at SME companies. An SSL is a first-line defence against those criminals, kind of like the locks on your car, home, office etc. To not have an SSL in place, therefore, means that you have effectively left your house unlocked.


How do you get an SSL, vendors like RecruiterWEB offer them as part of the service we offer our clients as part of our all-inclusive deals. If you have gone to any other kind of web developer, then you need to ask is SSL part of the offering and if not get one added to your package.


What does an SSL cost? They can be set up at no cost to maybe £100. The market norm is around £10 to £50, and they give you different kind of options. If your web developer can’t or won’t help then ask your hosting company. If neither can help… change suppliers!


Can websites with SSL in place still get hacked? Yes, but it makes it harder for the general hacker.


OK, so I hear some say “but you are a tech geek, you geeks want it all your own way, it is just a way to have us spend more money right”. Wrong. Google has been asking for you to have SSL security for your websites for many years and now if you don’t they will show your visitors images like below, warning them your site is not safe and not to be trusted.


GDPR gets in on the act also as do data protection laws. There is a blanket line in their wording about what is acceptable in terms of keeping data safe it states “you must take all reasonable care/precautions”. So much like your car insurance, they expect you not to leave the car on your drive, unlocked with the keys in it you need to have an SSL.


What users see if you have no SSL


Worst case they see this:



Best case they see this


best case


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