Gain Rankings via Site Trust & Authority

Gain Rankings via Site Trust & Authority

95% of the reason a website ranks for the keywords it does is because it has more trust and authority status with Google than other sites it competes with that have similar or similar content. To gain that trust and authority, you need a link partner strategy.

  • Create Authority Content
  • Make Your Content Available For Others To Use
  • Find Out Who Has Copied Your Text
  • Update Outdated Content
  • Replicate Your Competitors’ Best Content
  • Purchase Content From Other Websites
  • Create Content For Other Websites
  • Write For Local Blogs/Newspapers/Magazines
  • Create Local Resources/Guides
  • Distribute Press Releases
  • Find Out Who Has Copied Your Images
  • Supply Photos To Other Websites
  • Create And Distribute Videos
  • Create And Distribute Statistics/Charts/Graphs/Infographics
  • Leverage Existing Business Relationships
  • Provide Testimonials/Reviews
  • Exchange Links With Others
  • Feature Influential People
  • Join Associations/Organisations
  • Comment And Post On Blogs And Forums
  • Search For Unlinked Mentions
  • Create Profiles On Social Websites
  • Create Profiles On Business Listing Websites
  • Offer Discounts To Certain Groups Of People
  • Offer Discounts Or Bonus Items To Customers
  • Sign Up With Coupon Websites
  • Sponsor Someone Or Something In Your Area
  • Run Competitions

These and other methods will make for natural links to your website that Google won't then penalise you for.

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We have 18+ years of SEO experience specifically for recruiters/job boards.

Your website is like your car; let's say it is a hybrid car. The Electic engine will get you 30 miles on a very cheap charge, but for more than that, you need fossil fuel. SEO is fossil fuel for websites.

Many website builders blatantly lie about SEO and what their websites are capable of. We won't sell you SEO if we don't think the rankings you want are achievable.

Recruitment-related keywords are highly competed for, and often it will take a budget of £1000 to £2000 per month for 12-18 months to take non-ranked websites and get them ranked for highly competitive recruitment keywords.

Beware the snake oil salesperson that tells you; you will outrank Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs etc., and other recruitment website vendors by just using their website tech! It never happens.

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